An extraordinary addition to New Cross thanks to Anthology and Artmongers

Deptford Foundry
2 years ago

Something extraordinary happened last week in New Cross as guests descended to the Marquis of Granby pub for the first preview of Artmongers new mural, funded by London property developers, Anthology.

Together with Punch Tavern, Kelly’s Bar, Anthology and the creative minds at Artmongers, the new addition to New Cross is now complete and guests spent their Thursday night admiring the new addition to the area whilst grazing on nibbles courtesy of the pub and drinks courtesy of Anthology.

Anthology tasked muralists Artmongers to find the biggest, most visible wall to create a new landmark for New Cross, as the company believes that art can have a positive impact in a neighbourhood. Spanning over six weeks, 30 volunteers took it in turns to help Patricio Forrester create the artwork that now takes pride of place on New Cross Road.

Ben Allen, Project Director at Anthology Deptford Foundry said: “We’re all in awe of the new mural -it looks fantastic. The whole company is really proud to have supported Artmongers’ new creation.

“Many of us here at Anthology rolled up our sleeves, grabbed a brush and got stuck in, so it’s really amazing to see the final product. It adds a new dimension to the area.

“Art is really important to Anthology, we’ve supported many local creative projects including the restoration of the His & Her’s Mural by Artmongers, our sponsorship of Deptford X and our ever-strengthening relationship with Second Floor Studio & Arts.”

Patricio Forrester, Artistic Director at Artmongers, spoke at the event and thanked Anthology for their support: “This mural is a gift from Anthology to the neighbourhood, and I’m thrilled to be the maker of this gift.

“The idea behind the mural was to depict a still, empty landscape and to alleviate the hustle of one of the busiest and noisiest junctions in London. The initial inspiration for the mural was the building, it resembles a plough which opens a space between two roads.

“The mural is called (By the Way) a reference to Lewisham Way as much as an unassuming interruption to the unstoppable volume of traffic.

“I wanted the ordinary person, from the road sweeper to the lady working in the café to take pleasure from the mural, as well as the road-ragers, preoccupied workers with little time to spare. The thing about public art is that it enhances public space for absolutely everybody, whether they like art, they think they like art, or couldn’t care less.

“I’d like to thank all those who attended the event, it’s great to see such a turnout and a big thanks to Anthology in funding the project.”

Anthology is encouraging all those who pass by to take a moment, admire the new mural and take a photo to share on social media with the hashtag #MarquisMural. A mural not only adding a splash of colour to the area of New Cross, but also to social feeds!