Anthology set to become Santa’s Little Helpers this Christmas

Deptford Foundry
1 year ago

London property developer Anthology is creating good tidings and festive spirit this year at its flagship Hoxton Press and Deptford Foundry developments, as they look to make the dreams of two children come true.

Children living in or nearby Hoxton and Deptford are being welcomed to post their carefully thought out letters to Santa at Anthology’s festive post-boxes located at the sales suites of Hoxton Press (Penn Street) and Deptford Foundry (31-33 Rolt Street).

To make things even more special, Anthology will be taking on the role as Santa’s helpers by making the wish lists of two children a reality, as one posted letter from each development will be chosen with the lucky children being invited to collect their sack full of goodies from Hoxton Press and Deptford Foundry.

Amber Pointer, Marketing Director at Anthology said: “This year, we’ve chosen to take some of the workload from a busy Santa Claus and make the dreams of two children come true and we are really excited to be hosting these very special post boxes at our Hoxton Press and Deptford Foundry sales suites. Two of the posted letters will be chosen for both children to then collect their sack full of goodies from us at our Hoxton Press and Deptford Foundry developments.

“At Anthology we are passionate about celebrating the communities which make London so special, and this is another opportunity for us to give back.

“This Christmas will also be extra special for us, as our first residents will be moving into their new homes at Hoxton Press and Deptford Foundry, so it will be fantastic to see everyone settling in and enjoying the festivities.”

The Christmas post boxes are open from 12th November to 10th December at Anthology’s Hoxton Press (N1 5DS) and Deptford Foundry (SE8 5JB) sales suites. The sales suites are both open Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 17:00

Children are requested to include their name along with a parent’s name and contact details within their letter.