Hoxton Press June Newsletter

Hoxton Press
1 year ago

Welcome to the latest edition of The Anthology, providing our neighbours with helpful information and updates for our Hoxton Press Project, on Bridport Place and Penn Street.

In the last few months, the tower cores have had the floor slabs built around them, giving you a good idea of their hexagonal shape. Duo is now up to the 11th floor with Mono on the 10th.

Alongside this, we have started to install the glazing up to the 6th floor in Duo and the 4th in Mono. Also, with the blockwork now finished in the basement, the red brickwork you can see on Duo has begun to be laid. Due to the high level of detail, this is a process that takes around 6 weeks per floor.

Internally, we have had 9 deliveries of our bathroom pods that have been manufactured in Hull. These come fully complete with only the need to connect them up on site.

Big Lunch
This month Anthology hosted its second Hoxton Press ‘Big Lunch’. With the weather on our side it was a successful day with a good turnout. Thanks to those of you that came along and joined in the activities!

Walk to School Week
At Anthology, we are big fans of ‘Walk to School Week’. To help out the initiative, we gave a class of children at Shoreditch Park Primary some ‘mini hi-vis’ vests to wear on their journey to and from school!

Enabling Enterprise
Anthology joined up with Wates and Higgins recently for an ‘Enabling Enterprise’ event. We presented to children aged 8-10 about the industry and how our businesses work. It was a great day with an engaged audience who we hope gained a positive insight into the industry!

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