Is it all the small things that matter for new home buyers?

Hoxton Press
1 year ago

With so many homes on offer in London’s property market, today’s buyer has an excess of options to choose from, especially in property hotspot areas such as Hackney. It also goes without saying that it’s important to make the right choice, especially as a new home will usually be the single biggest financial decision most of us will make.  

For city worker Adrian Swales, who has lived in the Hoxton area for ten years, his recent decision to buy a two-bedroom home at Anthology’s Hoxton Press came down to the small details of his new purchase, plus the benefits of the easily accessible transport links.

Fifteen years ago, Adrian decided to take on the dream project of building his own home from scratch on a plot of land in rural Derbyshire, so has a truly unique insight into what it takes to build a high-quality home. Adrian looks back on this experience:

“A lot of hard work went into building my dream home, but what I hadn’t appreciated was the small but vital finishing touches, such as the type and placement of light switches, plugs and kitchen cupboards. The experience of building my own home made me even more mindful of these features so due to this need for attention to detail, I ended up viewing over twenty properties before purchasing with Anthology.

“From the moment I walked into the show apartment at Hoxton Press, I could appreciate that Anthology had put a lot of thought into the finer aspects. A lot of really nice and sensible features have been added to the homes which at times can be overlooked on initial viewing, but end up being the most important once a home is being lived in. It was also a pleasant surprise to see how spacious the apartments are and how well the space had been thought out, especially when compared to other apartments in London, which sometimes feel a little compact.

“Having been through the experience of building my own home and all of the stress that goes with it, I was not looking for a new project so Hoxton Press with its offering of brand new homes fitted the bill perfectly for me. Anthology has done all the hard work already, allowing me to literally just plug in the kettle and tv to start enjoying life in my new home.”

For Adrian, no other area contends with Hoxton, due to its extensive transport connections:

“I really had my heart set on moving to the Hoxton area so for me it was more about focusing on finding the right home. I know the area very well and love it for the great transport connections it offers. It’s a location near my work in the City of London, and from Hoxton I can go anywhere within London with relative ease. I even decided to sell my car when I re-located, making travel links even more key.”

Now, Adrian is looking forward to moving into his new home and seeing his next new blank canvas come to life by putting his stamp on with his own interior style and vision.

For the buyer, many factors are in play before making the big decision of moving home. Transport connections are a big factor in any purchase, but sometimes, as in Adrian’s case, it was the small things that mattered.

The new homes at Hoxton Press form the third phase of Hackney Council’s ongoing regeneration of the Colville Estate on Penn Street. The 16 and 20 storey towers will provide a mix of one, two and three-bedroom homes. Prices start from £660,000.

 For more details on the homes being created at the Hoxton Press development, visit or call 020 3308 9813. Find Anthology London on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@AnthologyLondon).