A Space for Youth

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8 months ago

The fantastic work and support carried out by Bruce Grove Youth Space in Tottenham Hale is invaluable to young people in the area, which is why they’re one of our local community #LocalHeroes.

Through the years, the space has helped countless young people grow and excel – offering opportunities which otherwise wouldn’t be available.

We recently caught up with Akin Akintola, Youth Engagement Coordinator at Bruce Grove Youth Space to find out more.

How did Bruce Grove Youth Space get started and how did you become involved?

The building has been dedicated to the young people of the community for a long time now - as long as I can remember!

I have been working with young people for over 17 years and became involved with Bruce Grove Youth Space four years ago.

When I arrived here, it had been closed for two years following the recession. So, it was very exciting to reopen the centre to young people, as it was greatly missed.

What activities do you run?

We run all sorts of activities to suit everyone’s interests and talents. For those sporty types, we have activities, such as football, boxing, martial arts, table tennis and badminton.

We also offer art and gardening activities for creative types, and also a Girl’s group which helps our girls create great lasting friendships whilst talking about topics that matter to them.

How do the activities help young people?

We use the activities on offer to pull young people in to the centre. When young people are here participating in activities, our team can effectively engage with them.

This also allows our team to uncover whether any of the young people are experiencing any issues, which can then be referred to experts who can help.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the journey. From seeing a shy young person visiting for the first time, to seeing them achieve their full potential is a greatly rewarding experience.

I have countless success stories. Turning around someone’s life is truly invaluable and the great feeling I get from it is priceless.

What do you love most about Tottenham Hale?

The current regeneration of Tottenham Hale looks fantastic, and I am always noticing improvements.

For those who need to travel around London, the area is so well connected. From Tottenham Hale, I can get to Central London very quickly, which means you are never far away from all the opportunities and entertainment on offer around London.

What are your tips when visiting the area?

If I ever want to shop, I go to Tottenham Hale Retail Park, which includes all the shops and restaurants you could ever need.

I would recommend any visitors to go to the new iconic Tottenham Hotspur FC Stadium, which some may argue is the best stadium in the world now. It truly stands out and is a wonderful gateway into Tottenham.

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