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Hale Works
5 months ago

Architects don’t just design buildings. Architects create communities and enrich the lives of people – something we feel passionately about at Anthology.

We recently caught up with Nick Lawrence, Director at A&Q Partnership. Hawkins/Brown Architects together with A&Q Partnership are the creative minds behind our stunning Hale Works development. In our eyes, Hawkins Brown and A&Q are starchitects, who have designed an elegant landmark, which will bring new beauty to Tottenham.

Read on and let us whisk you away on an architectural journey…

What are your personal favourite features of Hale Works?

At 32 stories, the simple triangular plan of the tower is extruded up to make a very bold and slender architectural form. This simplicity of form will require a quality and clarity in its detailing to make it work but is one if its main architectural strengths.

What is the inspiration behind the design?

A&Q Partnership were appointed to deliver the concept design originally developed by Hawkins Brown. The design forms the final phase of the wider Hale Village Masterplan. The village is a high quality, sustainable urban destination. It is a model for diverse communities and has been a catalyst for the regeneration of Tottenham Hale.

Its tall and slender form make it an iconic beacon and a high-quality architectural gateway to the Hale Village.

A more nuanced inspiration has been drawn from the site’s previous use by Harris Lebus, a company famous for its Arts and Crafts style of furniture. If you look closely, you will discover motifs from these furniture designs referenced in the architectural detailing.

What considerations were made to complement the existing local area’s architecture?

The immediate local architectural fabric comprises the newly constructed, Hale Village which this project complements and completes.

Rather than buildings, the local area is characterised by its proximity to the Lee Valley reservoirs, wetlands and waterways. The tower design offers views over this beautiful landscape and includes a sky garden on the 11th floor, which means you can gaze around at the beautiful surroundings.

Did you come across any challenges?

Two main challenges come to mind. Firstly, detailing the façade skin with a huge amount of effort being invested in creating a simple and elegant façade with a subtle articulation of depth and scale.

Secondly, the site is in very close proximity to the Victoria Line underground tunnel, and a very complex structure has been developed to mitigate any issues related to this and avoid any loading onto the tunnel itself.

What have A&Q enjoyed most about working on the project?

Early on we developed a very efficient method of working with the design team and contractors. Anthology made the wise decision to bring on the main contractors very early which paid dividends in resolving complex design issues early in the process.

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Set to be completed by 2021, Hale Works is comprised of a selection of studios, one, two and three-bedroom apartments. Book an appointment to visit our show apartment today by calling one of our Anthologists on 020 7760 1583 or email