Created out of Mind showcases at Kennington Stories: Q&A Part 2

3 months ago

Following on from the first instalment of our blog with Created Out Mind, in this second instalment we turn our attention to the event itself. Kennington Stories was hosted in partnership with The Cinema Museum and Created out of Mind to create a festival which will bring the whole community together to enjoy the magic of film.

Among the highlights was a screening of the classic Mary Poppins, a showcase from London College of Communication students, and a sing-along showing of smash-hit The Greatest Showman. A fascinating special Created Out of Mind screening was also aired, which explored the unique and diverse stories around dementia.

Why did you decide to become involved with Kennington Stories?

We’d run our own short film festival previously at The Phoenix Cinema in North London, and it had been a great success. We felt Kennington Stories was a good fit and the theme of home particularly resonated with us. While dementia is the common theme throughout our films this often acts as an entry point to explore wider themes such as family, belonging and home, and what that means to people living with and without a dementia. The experiences these films explore are universal.

Kennington Stories gave us an opportunity to engage with an audience, through film, who might not normally engage with the topic of dementia and hopefully they discovered something new and spread the word!

What films did you showcase?

Abdullah and Leilah - Haunted by the memories of his childhood in Baghdad, Abdullah has dementia and struggles to communicate with his daughter. As his mind slides between his past and his unfamiliar present, he no longer remembers the life he’s lived in London for the last 60 years and the fluent English language he’s spoken. His daughter Leilah searches for one last moment of connection with her father before she also fades from his memory and he no longer remembers who she is.

Flourishing - The story of three families living in Sheffield, UK with young onset dementia. Filmed by award-winning production company, Cosmic Joke, the film gives a rare insight into the lives of those living with young onset dementia, as well as the people around them. The families in this film had to face huge challenges to gain understanding and recognition from the healthcare system, the government, their workplaces and even from their own friends. This is a story of courage and bravery and above all, love.

Do I see what you see? - How do changes in the brain cause us to see differently? What if dementia did not affect your memory but affected your vision? This short, animated film is narrated by people living with Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA), a rare form of dementia which affects the visual areas of the brain. Everyday tasks are beset with obstacles, but their stories also force us to question our own perceptions and whether we are truly seeing the world around us the way others do.

We also showcased, Dementia Diaries, Undone, Prussian Blue Hue and Together Again. Some of the films are available to view on our website.

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