Get cheesy in Deptford with Archie’s

Deptford Foundry
11 months ago

Archie’s bar, brought to you by the team behind The Cheese Truck who’ve been melting cheese since 2013, has taken Deptford and the whole of London by storm.

The infamous, cheesetastic eatery has been mentioned in top London publications such as The Metro, The London Evening Standard and TimeOut for their epic cheese concoctions.

Originally starting as a street food van known for their irresistible grilled cheese sandwiches, they’ve now decided to open a restaurant in Deptford.

We chatted to the manager of the Deptford branch, Sarah Stubbs, about the business and why they chose to set foundations in the vibrant neighbourhood…

Could you give us a brief background about Archie’s Bar & the Cheese Truck?

The Cheese Truck started 3 years ago to celebrate and promote all that is great about British cheese. We set out in our little yellow trucks to festivals and markets across the UK selling the very best grilled cheese sandwiches, with all cheeses being sourced direct from farms around the UK by ourselves. 

After two years on the road we decided to find ourselves a permanent home, as such Archie’s was born! We opened in Deptford in November 2016 with the premises of serving our award winning grilled cheese along with a range of London craft beers. 

Archie’s Bar is based in Deptford – what made you choose this location?

We chose Deptford as it seemed like an area with character and interest. It has a charming independent high street and a lot of stories to tell! Plus, the arches we inhabit beside the station are really beautiful!

How did the name ‘Archie’s Bar’ come about?

Archie was the name of our very first Cheese Truck, a gorgeous 1973 Bedford CF. Archie has very sadly retired to the big garage in the sky after many years of loyal service. He is survived by his brother and sister (Alfie and Audrey), who are still travelling the length and breadth of the country serving up our classic grilled cheese sandwiches. Archie’s is Mathews first sit-down venue and a tribute towards the little truck that started the whole adventure in the first place. 

It’s great to see you supporting British cheese makers – how many varieties of British cheese do you use?

There are seven English cheeses that are on the menu at Archie’s all year round:

· Keens Cheddar and Ogleshield – used in our classic, best seller.

· Cropwell Bishop – An English blue cheese used in our Stilton, Bacon and Pear Chutney sandwich

· Rosary Goats Cheese – used in our Goats Cheese, Honey, Walnut and Rosemary butter sandwich.

· Queso Chihuahua - A Mexican melting cheese made in Peckham, we pair it with chorizo and our homemade jalapeño salsa

· La Latteria Mozzarella- Used for our handmade Mozzarella sticks, that once fried are covered in shavings of Old Winchester – An English hard cheese, similar to Parmesan.

We have over 25 different UK produced cheeses on the menu at Archie’s big brother ‘The Cheese Bar’ based in Camden Stables Market.

What’s the best seller?

The best seller at Archie’s would have to be the Original, Keenes cheddar, Ogleshield and mixed onion served between two slices of sourdough bread. All our sandwiches are made using sourdough from ‘BreadBread Bakery’ located just down the road in Brixton.

We also stock a huge array of craft beers, the majority of which are produced in South London, so whichever sandwich you choose we will always be able to pair it with a perfect beer.

And finally…what’s your favourite cheese?

Tough question and one that’s often asked when we are invited for a chat with Matthew during interviews! My personal favourite would most likely be Mileens – an Irish farmhouse cheese produced in County Cork or possibly Young Buck, a raw milk version of Stilton made by Mike’s Fancy Cheese in Belfast. 


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