#HaleYeah - Tottenham Life Through the Lens

Hale Works
7 months ago

Local photographer, Simon Braggins, has made it his mission to showcase the hidden gems of the Tottenham Hale community and we are loving his work! His recent exhibition has been running at community café and bakery, Loven Bakery, capturing life in Tottenham along its streets and river.

The exhibition has been running since earlier this month and I’m hoping it will run until mid-October when I make my move over to France.

Was there a specific reason for showcasing at Loven Bakery?

Kate from Loven Bakery knew of my work and when Loven started displaying works from the Engine Room art classes, she asked if I would like to hang my pictures. Having exhibited elsewhere around Tottenham, I gladly grasped the chance to exhibit in my local cafe/restaurant where I spend a lot of time drinking their great coffee, using their WiFi and meeting my neighbours.

What photo/s are you most proud of as part of your Tottenham Life collection?

I have many. I like some of the abstract ones which show local places and objects within a different context, such the Wetlands’ hanging jars shot from below (‘Planets’); the streetlamp shadow on the blank advertising hoarding in the High Road (‘Nothing for Sale’) and the reflection of the Markfield Park bridge (‘River Ripples’).

I also like the photos capturing bits of the area which no longer exist such as the cross reflection on the Bream Close bridge (‘X marks the spot’) - this beautiful Victorian bridge and girders were sympathetically rebuilt when they electrified the line in 2017.

What does Tottenham life mean to you?

Tottenham life to me means variety and community. There are not many areas in London that I know of that have a Latin Quarter, Farmers’ Market, masses of African restaurants, river, marshes, locks, wildlife, parks, breweries, the largest urban Wetlands in Europe… and that is just scratching the surface! All next to a station that is the best connected in London. As for the Wetlands, it’s Tottenham’s by default: it’s nearest station to its main entrance is Tottenham Hale, not Walthamstow’s Blackhorse Road!!

Have you got any other exciting projects/exhibitions coming up?

Yes, but further afield, in France! But I will continue to convey the changes in Tottenham through my eye and lens during my regular returns.

 —  — 

Simon Braggins’ Tottenham Life exhibition will be running until mid-October at Loven Bakery at Hale Village nearby Anthology’s Hale Works development. To check out more of Simon’s unique work please visit: www.simonbraggins.co.uk or visit our Q&A with him

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