#HoxtonHotspot – Shoreditch Park Primary School takeover!

Hoxton Press
2 years ago

In this very special edition of our #HoxtonHotspot series, we are excited to be handing over the reins to some of the areas most esteemed critics, Shoreditch Park Primary School’s school council.

With just weeks to go until the countdown to the Christmas holidays begins, the school council has given us their insights into their favourite hotspots and things to do throughout the festive period. It has been said that London does Christmas better than anywhere else, and we were thrilled to get an insight from some young local experts as to living and learning in the capital at Christmas time…

Can you tell us who you are and what your favourite thing is about being on the school council?

Lucas, Year 6: I like being on the school council because it means I’m able to show people my ideas!

Chelsea, Year 3: I like being on the school council because I like helping people, and making my school a better place!

Priscilla, Year 3: Being on the school council means sometimes I get to come early to school, and I really like it because I can come to school and have a smile on my face and help people.

Maali, Year 4: I like being on the school council because it is actually really fun helping to make the school a better place.


What’s the best thing about where you live?

Lois, Year 6: I really like where I live because it is quiet, with no traffic, and lots of parks around – like Shoreditch Park!

Priscilla, Year 3: What I really like about where I live, is that I live close to Shoreditch Park!


What are you most looking forward to doing in the Christmas holidays this year?

Gloria, Year 6:  During the Christmas holidays, I am most looking forward to spending lots of time with my family and friends, because they are the thing that makes Christmas feel special!

Chelsea, Year 4: I am looking forward to lots of things, like seeing my family, celebrating, opening presents and eating a delicious meal! (Also playing on my brother’s PS4 which he has asked for for Christmas!)

Lois, Year 6: Well, I’m most looking forward to eating my Christmas dinner! (but not the peas)


What is your favourite thing about Christmas where you live?

Gloria, Year 6: My favourite thing about where I live at Christmas is when they put Christmas lights in all of the trees in the parks. I also love going to the Christmas market where I can get beautiful gifts – which aren’t too expensive!


Will you be going to any Christmas events or celebrations in Shoreditch?

Lois, Year 6:  I’ll try – as long as I’m not too busy buying Christmas presents for people!


What special events does your school do in the lead up to Christmas?

Gloria, Year 6: I love watching the Christmas play, which is put on and played by the lovely Year 2s!

Chelsea, Year 3: I also love the Year 2 Christmas play as we all get to watch and enjoy it!


Most importantly, can you tell us one thing that are on all of your Christmas lists this year?

Lois, Year 6: I’m really hoping to get a bunny from Santa this year!


Finally – Brussel sprouts – yum or yuck?

All: YUCK!!!

We are thrilled to be linking up with Shoreditch Park Primary School, next door to our Hoxton Press development. If you’re interested in a new home in this vibrant corner of the capital, get in touch on 020 3308 9813 or pop in to view our show apartment (N1 5DS).