#MakeitYours – Embracing the Metallic Movement

11 months ago

Helping home hunters throughout the moving journey in our #MakeItYours series, providing information and inspiration to finding your perfect home…

The copper trend has hit the home interior world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether a copper, brass or rose gold, metallics add a sophisticated glow to any room with its striking hue.

Whether you’re bathed in a summer light or huddled around a winter fire, copper makes any house feel a little more elegant so here’s our top tips for introducing this fashion in to your home to make a statement:

· Lighting

To get the most out of your copper themed interior you’ll first want to create a vibrant and well-lit atmosphere. The vibe of copper can drastically change depending on the lighting of a room.  In a space bursting with natural lighting (like the apartments at our Hoxton Press development) the warm honey-like glow of copper can elevate the tone of a room. The reflective gloss can be diminished in darker, closed off spaces so you may want to invest in lighting equipment, possibly copper lights!

· More than just kitchens and bathrooms

For many years copper has been seen as a material for kitchens and bathrooms due to its practicality and clean appearance. However, recently copper has made its way into other key rooms in the home with dining room tables, lamps and even wallpapers featuring the ever-popular material/colour. With this varied portfolio, you can bring a splash of copper in to any room.

· Accessorise

The use of copper doesn’t have to be the overarching theme of a room, it could be as subtle as a copper vase or a copper candelabra. A small use can drastically spice up a rooms vibe so there’s no need to completely renovate your surroundings to include the trend.

· Achieve that rustic look

The beauty of copper is that it achieves a versatile balance between modern and rustic. It can make any room look neat with its clean and vibrant glow yet it also adds a pinch of sophistication. Whether you use a copper lamp or bed frame the material brings a certain rustic richness to any room while also looking very 21st century. 

· Copper outside

Copper doesn’t have to be enclosed to four walls, you can use the warm glow of a copper basket to house your flowers or weave in some copper lights on your balcony for a polished look.

If you’re interested in purchasing a property you can call home and add a splash of the copper trend, then we have apartments available at our Deptford Foundry (0207 526 9229) and Hoxton Press (020 3308 9813) developments. 

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