Meet the artists: The Marshall Arts Maestro of Deptford

Deptford Foundry
8 months ago

With the commercial space of our Deptford Foundry development, being completed and handed over to Second Floor Studio & Arts, we have been getting to know our new artistic neighbours that are now calling Deptford home as they set up their new studio space.

Meet Kayleigh Marshall, the city worker and law graduate, making her own mark in the art world. Kayleigh has recently moved into Second Floor Studio & Arts’ Deptford studio space and is also designing an impressive mural for the stairwell.

She creates artwork that represents her own creative identity and wants to inspire others to find their own too.

What has your journey been?

I’m Kayleigh Marshall, otherwise known as Marshall Art Life and my journey to becoming who I am today has been driven by my unrelenting desire to discover my purpose in life.

From Law School to events organiser, from corporate marketing career to freelance artist, I have worked within a variety of industries following my curiosity and passions. Today, I define myself as an abstract creative, a self-taught artist living and working in London.

My journey today is largely defined by my belief that what separates us as human beings from every other species on this planet, is our creativity. I am committed to exploring my own creative potential and in turn I want to inspire others to discover and believe in their own creative ability.

What inspired you to get into art?

Expressing myself through art is less ‘something I was inspired to do’ and more a necessity for my happiness and sense of contentment. Creating art gives me a sense of fulfillment that is very difficult to put into words.

What is your artistic process?

My latest abstract work has been created during a process I call ‘flow’. ‘Creative flow’ is a mental state of being where I am fully immersed in what I am creating with an energized focus and free from any outside influence such as commercial incentive.

As creative beings, I believe achieving a state of flow holds the key to our creative identity, and it is something that every single one of us can experience given the right conditions.

For me, my studio is where I get into the ‘zone’. I listen to undulating electronic music, surround myself with images and items I find inspiring, and then begin to translate feelings and emotions into abstract forms. My ideas and work take on a momentum of its own – the result is complete enjoyment in expressing myself through abstract art.

Tell us about your ideas and inspirations.

I feel compelled to translate my feelings and emotions into art. In the same sense that emotions are not tangible, I choose to represent them as abstract forms that don’t resemble anything we could identify as ‘physical’. My abstract art is the physical vessel into which intangible human emotions can be embodied.

What are you looking forward to in your move to Deptford?

Moving into my first ever art studio in Anthology Deptford represents my first big step in discovering my creative identity. It provides me the conditions to work in creative flow and for the first time ever I am part of a network of other like-minded creatives. For me, the studio provides me with a huge leap in creative potential.

What are your future plans?

To think of all the ways I could inspire others to tap into their own creative potential, and to keep exploring my own creative identity.

What is your advice for young people looking for a career in arts & crafts?

Pursue a career based on your passion and curiosity, and not one rooted in factors such as money or respect. My own journey has shown me that a sense of fulfilment comes when you commit to exploring your curiosity. You owe it to yourself to explore what you love; you deserve to feel fulfilled in the work you do.

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