Return of the King…of Crafts!

Hale Works
9 months ago

With the upcoming launch of Hale Works on 22nd September, we are looking forward to welcoming guests into our beautiful sales & marketing suite and stylish show home.

And if you’re planning on visiting, then you’ll also get to see our new bespoke coffee table designed by none other than Tottenham’s King of Crafts and owner of Create Furniture, Tim Smith.

To find out more about this eye-catching piece of furniture, we recently caught up with Tim himself.

Hi Tim, we’re very excited about unveiling the coffee table you have created for our sales & marketing suite. Can you tell us more about the coffee table and how the opportunity came about?

It all began when Anthology approached me. Tottenham Hale is an area brimming with artisans and Anthology was keen to link up with one of the area’s furniture makers.

After a positive meeting at a local pub with Anthology’s creative agency, Greenspace, we agreed to work together on a collaborative piece of furniture which would pay homage to Tottenham’s rich artisan community.

The brief was to make an eye-catching piece which would become a focal point in the Hale Works sales & marketing suite.

My approach was to create a piece of furniture which represents the work one would immediately identify as coming from my workshop, but with an Anthology twist, which references how Anthology is becoming an active part of the community.

We decided that the furniture should be a coffee table, which customers could enjoy and engage with when visiting Hale Works. The table is eye-catching, due to its strong visual reference to the Anthology “A”. But it’s also authentic and practical, and the finished article is a clean-lined, modern low table shape, with a complex marquetry inlaid top.

What was the inspiration behind the coffee table?

The inspiration came from a conversation I had with a friend who observed that the Anthology logo resembled a butterfly joint, which is a traditional carpentry technique used to hold everything together. From this simple observation, the creative process flowed.

How long did it take to produce and what is the story behind its production?

A great deal of time, effort and attention to detail goes into crafting such a special piece of furniture, which took over a month to produce.

The solid walnut frame was built first, as the thick pieces of timber need time to settle in between cuts.

I then began the very delicate process of inlay work to create the veered top, which references Anthology. The process involves many hours of using a large cutting mat, piles of walnut and an oak wood veneer. To accomplish this, it requires lots of sharp knife blades and a very steady hand.

To finish the table, I brushed on the final varnish coats, which allows the natural wood colours to come alive.

Once complete I was very glad to see that it looked exactly as I planned. Phew!

 — -

If you are looking to set roots in this well-connected part of London then check out Anthology Hale Works, the final piece of the Hale Village regeneration.

For more information about Tim and his company, Create Furniture visit: