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1 year ago

We recently had planning approved on our Hale Works development which will form part of the award-winning Hale Village regeneration, and as such, we’ve been enjoying getting to know the area and the local neighbours. You’d be hard posed to find yourself bored in the Hale Village area, and this is entirely attributable to venues which continue to think outside of the box and put on menus, entertainment and events designed to blow the minds (and tastebuds) of native Londoners and tourists alike.

One of the most recognised and celebrated venues in the area is STYX – a multipurpose bar, entertainment space and live music venue in the thick of the Tottenham Hale community. Find out more about what we discovered when we went digging for STYX and stones about one of Tottenham Hale’s most loved venues, with Felix Mortimer, Managing Director…


Hi Felix, can you tell us a bit more about the inception of STYX and how it has grown?

STYX came about through a relationship we struck up with our current landlord, Nick Hartwright, and Haringey Council. They offered us the space as a ‘meanwhile activation’ so that we could fill it with activity as the area changes and grows around us. 

I personally have run a theatre company for the last five years, so we began our time at STYX as a thriving theatre venue and then opened it up to music, circus, cabaret and parties. It now holds a firm place in the community for somewhere to go for a drink, some entertainment or just to dance.

Where did the name STYX originate from?

Simply, it originates from us being out in the sticks! The name is also a metaphor for the venue being a gateway into the afterlife; being the name of a famous mythical river and being short and snappy – all of these components seemed to come together with it to give us the perfect name!

What is it about Tottenham Hale that made you want to set up home here?

I grew up in Haringey and have always known Tottenham as a space for edgy and interesting events. The opportunity came up and we knew we were onto a winner and so we stuck around. We are lucky enough to continue working with partners that we have been working with for decades in the process.

What is your favourite thing about working in Tottenham Hale?

The River Lea! A stroll down the Lea past the barges and herons is the most restorative and calming influence – especially when living in such a busy and bustling part of town like ours.

How much has the Tottenham Hale area changed and developed since you first arrived here?

It’s exciting to hear plans of academies, schools, climbing gyms, breweries and nightclubs springing up over the last couple of years. We feel like, particularly in the Ashley Road area, we have stimulated a change from light industrial to places more centered around the community and people who live and work in the area.

Can you tell us a bit more about the events that are coming up at STYX over the summer months?

After a winter of supper clubs, we open again in March with a full programme of theatre, running weekly from Sunday – Thursday, with our usual parties and music over the weekend. Keep a close eye on our Instagram ( or sign up to the newsletter on our website to make sure you catch the next Grime for Corbyn, JME, Boiler Room or Royal Court event!

What is your favourite cocktail on the STYX menu?

On the current menu, our Havana Old Fashioned in our Cuban themed bar is an absolute winner. However, we’re very excited to be rolling out all the summer classics come March – a sunset and a mojito never goes a miss!


If you are interested in a new home surrounded by unique venues and quirky entertainment such as that on offer at STYX, then keep a watch on Anthology’s progress with it’s Hale Works development.


*Photography taken by Simon Braggins:

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