The crafting of Hoxton’s hottest development

Hoxton Press
11 months ago

With Hoxton Press crafted from handmade red and smoky grey Belgian bricks, the striking appearance of the development is hard not to notice when passing by.

The quality craftmanship, together with their hexagonal shape, make the buildings unique to admirers from afar and those who now call it home.

Its unique qualities have seen the development receive plenty of attention and praise, including numerous awards and coverage in international press, including The New York Times.

Now that construction has come to an end, we peer through the eyes of Bill Haworth, a Project Manager, who started his Anthology career at the development.

Take us through the journey of how you started your Anthology career working at Hoxton Press?

I joined the company as a graduate in July 2016. After progressing through the recruitment programme, I was offered one of the Project Executive roles.

Starting with two other graduates at a time when the business had three sites (which were Deptford Foundry, Wembley Parade and Hoxton Press) was ideal.

It meant we could focus on one each by supporting the Project Director at their respective developments. I was assigned to Hoxton Press, a flagship project for Anthology, located in the trendy East End district of Hoxton.

What were your highlights when working at Hoxton Press?

Hoxton Press was my introduction into construction. Becoming part of the team in the early stages was beneficial for my personal development. It allowed me to gain first-hand experience with a top tier main contractor. I was able to shadow site management, attend design team workshops and contribute at monthly progress meetings.

Aside from construction, a key focus was the local community with our project forming part of a wider estate regeneration. The residents have had to live with construction activity on their doorstep since 2014, which is understandably difficult. However, our frequent communication and engagement allowed us to keep a positive relationship with them throughout the construction process.

What is your favourite aspect of the development?

The design is what sticks out for me. The development benefits from an architecturally unique façade comprised fully of brick.

When the external elements began to be installed, you could only then begin to admire its bold style.

Following the completion of each elevation, I led the inspection of the buildings, which allowed me to closely examine the detail and gain an appreciation of the craft and skill that went into laying and installing over a million bricks to such a high standard.

Internally, the layouts have been designed to be very efficient. A hexagonal shaped building is not an easy footprint to work with when attempting to create functional spaces that utilise square footage, however, this has been achieved throughout the scheme.

What is your next project?

I have recently started working at Anthology’s new Stratford Mill development, located by Pudding Mill Lane DLR station and on the doorstep of the Olympic Park and Stratford Westfield. The development will provide a large commercial space and new homes, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to live in a well-connected area.

The project will be built in two phases and I am looking forward to seeing it progress as work commences on phase one.

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