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Deptford Foundry
11 months ago

We love Deptford – it is home to a huge array of talented artists, quirky local eateries and, of course, our beloved Deptford Foundry development. This quirky corner of the capital, nestled in the borough of Lewisham, is continuing to establish itself as one of the most thriving and lively postcodes in London. We couldn’t think of anywhere better to be building our first Anthology development – and as well as the 276 private homes we are bringing to the area, we’ve identified our top ten reasons to love Deptford.

1.       Food glorious food

There is nothing quite like finding a truly great place to eat. Whether you’re an avocado on toast or a steak and chips kind of person, Deptford really does have something to offer all tastebuds when it comes to its eateries. With the likes of Italian cuisine Festa Sul Prato and arts café Out of The Brew all within walking distance of our Deptford Foundry homes, you will never be short of somewhere great to chow down – whatever you might be in the mood for!

2.       The art and soul of the neighbourhood

A short walk around the streets of Deptford will open your eyes to some of the UK’s very best street art and murals – many of which date back decades, whilst some are just weeks old. Artist collective Artmongers are to thanks for many of the amazing works of art decorating the walls and buildings around the Deptford and New Cross area – with a brand new mural having popped up in New Cross just a few weeks ago! Why not head down and have a look at this new piece of South London history?

3.       Giving something back to the community

Deptford is renowned for being one of the most diverse and welcome communities in the whole of London – and a great deal of this is attributable to the amazing charitable work that goes on all over the neighbourhood. For those looking to give something back, there is an abundance of opportunities to get involved with one of the many good causes in the area, including the likes of Deptford Reach, Heart n Soul and Redstart Arts.

4.       Making an exhibition of ourselves

The no format Gallery is a space unlike any other. Nestled in the railway arches of Deptford, the space is utilised by some of London’s best artistic talent, in the vast array of exhibitions and showcases that take place in the gallery. Curated and programmed by Second Floor Studios and Arts (SFSA), the no format Gallery plays host to a variety of shows and exhibitions throughout the year, with no two the same, and each individual artist from a different and interesting background!

5.       Getting down to business

A stroll down Deptford High Street will open your eyes to more than just the amazing and unique street art and murals that electrify the surroundings. The streets are littered with a huge variety of unique small businesses, including the likes of female only sneaker store KICKSLOVE, which now calls Deptford home. Not only this, but Deptford has its own festival, Deptford X, which is owned and run by and for the people of the area. Deptford has born witness to some businesses that may have started small – but are definitely becoming something big!

6.       Getting schooled

Deptford has more to offer than just the amazing businesses and eateries in the area – it is also a great place to put down roots and begin looking to the future. For those hoping to start a family in this corner of Lewisham, the children of Deptford are lucky enough to attend Good and Outstanding OFSTED rated schools, with the likes of Sir Francis Drake and Childeric Primary School within the heart of the borough, to be sure to get the little ones off to the very best start in life!

7.       A claim to fame

Did you know it isn’t just Anthology that begun from humble beginnings here in Deptford? The likes of BAFTA winning actor (and heartthrob to boot) Jude Law was born and raised in Lewisham, as was Sirius Black himself (aka Gary Oldman)! And if that name dropping wasn’t enough of a reinforcement of the trendy nature of the area, the king of fashion Alexander McQueen CBE also started off his life in Lewisham! Now that is a claim to fame!

8.       Not such a long and winding road

Our capital city boasts one of the very best travel networks in the world, without doubt, and Deptford is lucky enough to be well-connected. With many routes in and out of the thriving neighbourhood, visitors and residents alike can get to Cannon Street in just 6 minutes from Deptford station, or hop on the London Overground at New Cross to get to Hackney, Shoreditch and beyond. . This is, of course, without mentioning London City Airport just around the corner – should you fancy a weekend away!

9.       Beer.

Now we’ve got your attention haven’t we? But Deptford truly is home to its very own home-brewed beer, with local brewery Brockley Brewery brewing up Golden Ale – a beer renowned as a ‘local beer for local people’. Just around the corner from Deptford in a disused builder’s workshop on Harcourt Road, the brewery has four key beers that it sells direct – why not head down and try them out?

10.   The beginning of a new story for Arklow Road

Our very own Anthology Deptford Foundry development is very quickly becoming a pinnacle point of the neighbourhood and pays homage to the heritage of the site on which it is built, in every aspect of the development. The selection of one, two and three bedroom homes on the development all have either a balcony or terrace, with a beautiful communal garden outside and the thriving community of Deptford enveloping the development.

To find out more about Deptford and the homes we are bringing to the area, visit or call 0207 526 9229 

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