Deptford is one of London’s most creative and diverse areas. It’s a place where people from all over the world converge to form a community that takes immense pride in its corner of south-east London. 

Getting Around

Deptford has excellent transport links, making it easy to get into central London and out to the surrounding Kent countryside. Deptford and New Cross stations have direct connections to London Bridge, Cannon Street and Charing Cross. The A2 is also close by if travelling by car. 

Deptford and New Cross stations have direct connections to London Bridge, Cannon Street and Charing Cross.

The Best of Deptford

Deptford, being such a creative hub, always has something going on. There are lots of pop-up restaurants, galleries and markets to explore. Since Deptford is so culturally diverse, there are restaurants from all corners of the world. Schools in Deptford are of a very high quality and its proximity to the University of London’s Goldsmiths means a very vibrant arts scene. There’s also the annual Deptford X contemporary arts festival, which has put the area on the cultural map, and lots of music too. Since Dire Straits come from Deptford, it’s only right.

Beyond the Borders

Greenwich is only a 20-minute walk from Deptford, and it’s here you can visit the historic Cutty Sark and see where Greenwich Mean Time comes from. New Cross is also close by and has some great pubs and restaurants. Look out for art exhibitions too, because it’s home to the world-class Goldsmiths art college. 

Explore the Neighbourhood

Whether you’re looking for a great coffee shop or a cultural experience, we’ve put together a tour of the neighbourhood to show you the highlights.

Take the tour


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