Dugard Way, SE11 4TH

Following Anthology’s initial Meet and Greet event in July, the project team has been developing several options for the redevelopment, all of which will look to:

- Retain the Cinema Museum and secure their long-term future - Redevelop the vacant Woodlands nursing home to maximise the potential for new homes for Lambeth - Deliver 50% affordable housing - Improve accessibility to the local area through new landscaped public spaces

As part of this, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening opinion must be sought. This ‘screening’ procedure is used to determine whether a project is likely to have significant effects on the environment.

Anthology has submitted an EIA screening request to Lambeth Council for consideration. This is not a planning application and instead sets out maximum potential development parameters. Any subsequent planning application would have to work within the scope of the screening opinion to ensure that Anthology is aware of any potential environmental impacts from the outset.

If you’d like to know more information about this please contact Sarah Wardle on 0203 697 7650 or email sarah.wardle@becg.com.

This web page will be updated regularly as the project progresses – please check back for further updates soon.

Community Consultation Event

A community consultation event was organised which allowed local residents to view our development options and early sketches.

Couldn’t attend the consultation? Read more about it here

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