Created in Hoxton
A park-side haven for makers & creators
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Created in Hoxton
A park-side haven for makers & creators

Welcome to Hoxton

Home to an incredible number of artists' studios, design and tech businesses and world-class galleries, Hoxton is a stimulating place to live and work.

Independent bars, restaurants and boutiques sit alongside the unmistakable East End atmosphere of Hoxton Street Market while the open green space of Shoreditch Park and Regent's Canal provide relaxation away from the crowds. 

Take a weekend visit to the Geffrye Museum or meet up with friends at Arepa & Co; a distinctly exotic restaurant offering Venezuelan food 'with a pinch of love'.

Excellent schools and great transport links to the City, West End and beyond, make Hoxton the perfect home. 

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minute cycle to Moorgate
minute walk to Old Street
minute cycle to Liverpool Street
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Arts & Culture

Hoxton Square

Hoxton is synonymous with the Brit Art scene and a trend-setting hub popular with contemporary art and culture lovers from all over the world.

Since Jay Jopling opened his ground-breaking White Cube gallery back in 2000 on Hoxton Square, the area has attracted a host of innovative artists and galleries. Jealous Gallery is a contemporary gallery, print publisher and printing studio where you can see and buy some of the city’s best art from artists like Charming Baker and Ben Eine.

Hundred Years Gallery is an emerging, dynamic art space that supports experimental art from both London based and international artists. There are also weekly concerts of new, improvised and experimental music in its excellent acoustic setting.

For performance art, the Rosemary Branch tavern is a classic venue. Hosting live drama since the 1600s and once a Victorian music hall, it’s a great place to experience local theatre or just enjoy a drink in historic surroundings.

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Learning & Recreation

Try Something New

Hoxton gives you access to a host of educational facilities ranging from the academic to the alternative.

TripSpace projects provide timetables for dance and yoga classes to keep your mind and body in shape. Why not hone your craft in pottery at the Turning Earth studio? They offer classes from total beginners to professional artists in an open-access format.

If you want to try something really different, the Acro 6 circus fitness course at the National Centre for Circus Arts provides training in acrobatics. In an academic sense, Hackney is home to a wide range of schools and colleges, many of Ofsted Outstanding status. There is access to a wide range of Universities in the area including St Martins at Kings Cross and UCL in Euston.

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The Best of Hoxton

Hoxton Street Market

Hoxton has long been associated with being cutting edge and it continues to evolve. Every week new quirky bars, pop-up restaurants, shops and events appear. It’s an area that seems to set trends rather than following them, but alongside everything new it still merges with the old – its sense of community and bustling street markets help it maintain an authentic East End atmosphere.

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Jealous Gallery

JEALOUS is a contemporary gallery print publisher and printing studio, based in East London's creative hub of Shoreditch.

Arepa & co

Arepa offers traditional Venezuelan recipes with a modern and creative twist.

Cornbread, maize, black beans, fried plantain, avocado, cassava, shredded beef, pork loin and roasted vegetables are the core of their kitchen. Brunch is definitely not to be missed and in case you ask, they also have a broad variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes. 

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Local Heroes

New North Press.

Tucked away on a cobbled street in a quiet corner of Hoxton is Standpoint Studios, an artists’ collective celebrating the spirit of craftsmanship. All three floors are filled with ceramicists, painters, and printers – and on the second floor is New North Press, one of Hoxton’s finest artistic establishments.

New North Press is an artisan letterpress print and design studio, which was established in 1986. It has been at its home on Coronet Street since 1993, staying true to its philosophy of creating a space for craftspeople to make their art. Today, artists pore over their designs, surrounded by traditional cast-iron presses and an array of wooden and metal letters carefully organised into trays.

We called the studio Standpoint because it was a place to start off from. But all the people who had workshops here originally have all stayed,’ says Graham Bignell, who runs New North Press with Beatrice Bless and Richard Ardagh. ‘This building was empty when  we first saw it. A legacy of the 1990 recession”

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Reimagining an art form.

New North Press has since established itself as one of London’s best-known letterpress and design studios. They work with artists who need bespoke typography for their books, and create business cards, posters, portfolios and wedding invitations.

The studio also worked with Anthology to create the lettering used for the signage for the Hoxton Press development. It wasn’t an easy task – the buildings in the development are hexagonal, so the idea was to make a hexagonal font. Most fonts are created square, so it demanded a lot more creative thinking. What’s more, each letter is made from separate hexagonal shapes, so making the letters is like a complicated jigsaw puzzle. 

It was a challenge but I’m extremely pleased with what we have done,’ says Graham, laying out a pile of hexagonal blocks into an H-shape. ‘The idea now is to bring some local school children into the studio and see what they can design with these hexagonal shapes.’