Deptford Foundry has it all and Help to Buy made it happen

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Selling his two bedroom flat in Cardiff Bay to relocate to start a new job in Westminster, Christopher Morgan, a 42-year-old solicitor, knew his deposit would not stretch to the same in London. So, while he spent time looking at his property options in the Capital, Chris lived in his friend’s spare room in Camberwell. Two years later, he eventually decided that Help to Buy was his best option as he secured his new London home at Anthology’s Deptford Foundry.

Chris explains: “I enjoyed living on my own in my first brought home in Cardiff Bay so when my job took me to London, I knew a house share was not for me and that I would eventually want to buy my own place in the City. Although I had a deposit from selling my flat in Cardiff Bay, I knew it would not go very far in London. I was a bit dismayed at first but I looked at the Help to Buy London scheme which meant that with the deposit I had, I was able to buy a one bedroom home at Deptford Foundry.”

Chris knew the location was important, somewhere with great transport connections, not just for work but for socialising with friends and that was as close to the centre of London as his budget allowed. As he puts it Deptford was the ‘Goldilocks Option’:

“I was looking at various options for around nine months, however the places I was viewing were either a bit too much of a stretch financially or were in zones 3 and 4. I knew I wanted somewhere no further out that zone 2 in South London where most of my friends are located. I must have seen about twenty or so new build developments and some shared ownership re-sales so I knew when I saw Deptford Foundry that I had found somewhere that really grabbed my interest. 

“Being in zone 2, Deptford has great transport connections - I am half an hour from my office in Westminster and only half an hour from the West End. I love the theatre, movies, all the cultural activities London has to offer and catching up with friends over cocktails in Soho so it is a fantastic location in that respect. I could perhaps have afforded a slightly larger apartment that was further out from the centre, but I still wanted to feel connected to the heart of London, which at Deptford Foundry I do.”

Chris also found there were lots of other pluses to buying at Deptford Foundry which far outweighed the option of a slightly larger home further out in Zones 3 or 4, not least of all the neighbourhood on his doorstep:

“I really like the fact that Deptford High Street is a proper high street with everything that you need and Greenwich with its market, restaurants and park which is only ten minutes away. I also love the fact that I am close to the Thames and I can go for a run at lunchtime and enjoy some great views of Canary Wharf.”

Chris has no hesitation in recommending not only Deptford as a neighbourhood but Deptford Foundry as a fantastic place to live, a place which has made relocating from Wales so much easier:

“Deptford Foundry itself is great and there was a lot about the community that swayed my decision to purchase here. I love the fact that the ground floor of the development is occupied by artists’ studios and workshops, meaning there is always a creative buzz, interesting things to see and people around. There is also Lillie’s café that does the best tuna and cheese toasties in South London! Festa Sul Prato is a great Italian eatery in Folkestone Gardens, just two minutes’ walk from Deptford Foundry and The Eat Vietnam Bar B Grill is also just around the corner and is some of the best Vietnamese food I have eaten in London.

“It has been great living here throughout Covid-19 and the lockdowns. The owners have an active Facebook group that has been so supportive with people able to post to ask for advice or recommendations, selling or give away furniture, picking up each other’s post or just chatting. It creates a real community that has developed even more through lockdown and has meant that working from home has not been so isolating.”


Deptford Foundry currently has a collection of one, two- and three-bedroom homes with prices starting from £455,00 for a one-bedroom home. For more information contact: 020 7526 9229 /

Published on 18|05|2021

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