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First Time Buyer Couple Feel Like They Are on Holiday at Anthology Wembley Parade

Margarida (29) and Tiago (28) had been living separately with their parents during the pandemic, when they decided that with the money they had saved on rent, now was the perfect time to purchase their first home together. Living close by in Stonebridge, the couple had visited Wembley frequently whilst they were dating, to have dinner, shop and go to the cinema. During one cinema date, the couple joked, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to live here? Then we could just walk over to Boxpark, instead of having to travel back’, to which Tiago decided, ‘That’s actually not a bad idea! Why not Wembley?’ There’s so many things here!’.

Their search led them to Anthology Wembley Parade, which allowed them to be close to their parents back in Stonebridge, if they ever needed help with anything and could enjoy having them over for dinner. Having looked at other homes during their search, it always felt like something was missing; either there was nothing nearby, the area wasn’t as nice or the houses lacked storage or space. After looking at photos of Anthology Wembley Parade and their initial first appointment, they knew it ticked all the boxes. Margarida explained, ‘You get a really good size for the money you pay. The same amount we paid for this apartment would probably have gotten something smaller somewhere else, and everything’s really appealing, the colours are nice and it’s very modern.’

Whilst looking at other apartments, they felt there was too much focus on additional factors, such as lifestyle amenities and classes within the building. Margarida and Tiago were more interested in the home itself and the specification, as they wanted a home where they could happily live in day-in and day-out.  ‘Anthology was all about that; they really focused on what we wanted. They listened and were honest with us. Paige walked us through everything, telling us what could be done in each space, which gave us the idea for a desk space where Margarida could work from home.’ The couple additionally enjoyed the unique look and curved structure of the building, as opposed to the more traditional block of apartments they had seen.

The surrounding area at Wembley was also a great bonus, as Margarida mentioned, ‘I like that there’s always people around and that we can go to Boxpark if we want a drink and if friends come over. Everything is on our doorstep and in walking distance and there are lots of people in a similar age group to us, which is great for meeting new people’. For Tiago, stepping out of their home and seeing Wembley Stadium was particularly impressive, ‘We’re living by a landmark basically, the stadium is key for national games, big events and I’ve always thought that was quite cool.’

With Wembley Park station a 3 minute walk away, the easy commute to work and options for travelling was an additional factor in their decision. The couple often have Portuguese friends and family visiting, which made their home particularly perfect for guests to travel to, as it’s easy to get to; equally, they are only a 10 minute tube away from central London which is great if they’d like to explore the city. 

Since their move in November 2021, the couple have been enjoying all of the amenities on their doorstep, with restaurants; coffee shops, great supermarkets and designer clothing outlets all within walking distance. For Margarida, the gym and swimming pool is only 5 minutes down the road and the couple have already spotted bakery classes that they are keen to try at Bread Ahead. Despite all of the vibrant activity within the community, the couple remarked at how quiet their home is. Tiago  explains, ‘even when events are happening at Wembley and crowds start to make their way to the station, you can’t hear it at all.’

 When asked whether they would recommend Anthology to a friend, Margarida explained they had already done so, with some of their friends asking if they knew if anything was available. ‘The staff were really friendly and very supportive. I feel like I can email and call them and they’ll be there in 5 minutes. It feels like they actually listen to us and really care’.

Describing their apartment, Tiago expressed, ‘I feel like I’m on holiday, but it’s all of the time! I’m always happy to be here’. Margarida agreed, explaining, ‘It’s like a resort, because with a resort you have access to everything. Also the balcony gives it holiday vibes when it’s sunny.’



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Published on 03|03|2022

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