First Time Buyer Kieran (30) Found His Perfect, Well-Connected Home in a Vibrant Neighbourhood, At Anthology Deptford Foundry.

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Kieran (30) had been renting all around the South of London, living in Clapham and Elephant and Castle, using a mix of SpareRoom and living with groups of friends. Moving from his home town in Guildford, Kieran initially moved to London for ease of travel to his job in London Bridge and for the opportunities and quality of living in the city. Kieran decided that it was time to find his own place, after renting for many years. After a few years of being smart with savings and using a Help To Buy ISA to maximise his fundings, a Facebook Anthology ad caught Kieran’s attention and spurred him into making the search for his first property. He explained, “I think you can programme yourself into thinking you can never afford somewhere in London, but with ISA’s and savings, a lot of people can afford to do it a lot earlier than you think”.

As a creative director for an advertising agency, Kieran was firstly attracted to Anthology’s brand, the aesthetic design and high quality finish of the homes. “I knew I wanted a new build and the finish of a place became particularly important to me. One of the big reasons I picked Anthology was that it was above a lot of the other places I had seen. With other major developers, you could walk into all of them and see the same worktops and appliances going on.”

“It’s a little bit more thought through here. It’s polished and smart and small things that at first I didn’t think I needed, like the postman coming to your door, actually makes such a difference. The concierge for parcels is great too. The aesthetics and details, like the quality of flooring, nudged me in this direction - some places you can see it's just lino.”

The approach of the Anthology staff was also noted in Kieran’s journey, as he felt they were open, honest and helpful, in comparison to more salesy and pushy developers he had experienced. Now happily settled with his girlfriend, at their home in Anthology Deptford Foundry, Kieran additionally loves the great location and has seen the area develop and grow before his eyes.  

It was the well-connected location of Deptford that initially attracted Kieran, as he explained “I actually hadn’t been to Deptford, which was funny. The process was that I literally looked at the train lines and maps and thought, where can I afford that is also pretty close to London Bridge - and I found this place.” There are a multitude of quick and easy transport options into London, with a 5 minute train from New Cross to London Bridge and overground tubes, buses and cycle lanes.

“I love Deptford now. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I would be getting a train or tube to go out - but Deptford is actually really cool for drinks and food, it’s now quite often that friends will come here.”

Kieran also spoke highly of Deptford’s community element, mentioning that “It’s just got bigger and bigger. There’s the Deptford Market Yard which is really cool and lots of different little bars and restaurants in there. There are really good cocktail bars and a pasta place called Marcella - but there are so many places and everywhere is so good, that we don’t have a favourite.”

The community feeling at Deptford has also been a pleasant aspect for Kieran and his girlfriend. After 3 years and a few lockdowns, Kieran has felt a close community at Deptford, with a group chat often organising and inviting people for get-togethers. Kieran remarked that he is always mixing with people, through the corridor-style design of the buildings and when collecting parcels with other homeowners at the concierge. 

“Everyone also got a puppy in lockdown and would meet up outside. There’s definitely a community feeling. When I’ve rented in other new builds there’s been nothing like it.”

“There’s a guy further down that's just opened a restaurant in Deptford Market Yard and we would never have known that, but because of the community, everyone’s pushing to go to their opening night. It’s quite nice that people are getting close.”

With many parks, gyms, cafes and working spaces surrounding the development, there is no shortage of places to get out and about, when working from home. Kieran also enjoys the fact that he can walk along the Thames to nearby Greenwich, for great food and drink spots and green space for exercising. 

Kieran remarked that he would absolutely recommend Anthology to a friend, “My girlfriend had already recommended this place to a friend. I would always recommend it. Definitely.”

Summing up Anthology Deptford Foundry, Kieran highlighted the beauty of the development and the ease of living, as a great balance for his first home. “When people step into the development, everything looks nice and it is so manicured. Everyone comments on the design, both outside and inside. I also just love the ease of living here in terms of the concierge, the location, transport options - mixed with the great design.”

“The community and the local areas are really cool. There’s just something for everyone.”


Situated on Arklow Road, Deptford Foundry is a ten-minute walk from both New Cross station and Deptford High Street with direct connections to London Bridge (6 mins), and Greenwich (12 mins). 

Cobalt Tower, the latest addition to Anthology Deptford Foundry, l completes the pioneering development, comprising 58 homes over 22 storeys. Interested buyers can now view the uniquely designed one, two and three-bedroom homes on the 10th floor and take in the impressive, panoramic views of the City and Canary Wharf. 

For more details on the homes at the Deptford Foundry development or for those interested in viewing the recently launched Cobalt Tower homes, visit the Anthology London website: or call 020 7526 9229. Find Anthology London on Twitter @AnthologyLondon, Facebook and Instagram.

Published on 22|06|2022

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