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For School Teacher Clara, Anthology Hale Works Was “The Best Thing Going In London”

After receiving a job promotion at work and with the extra support from the Help To Buy scheme, secondary school teacher Clara (35) decided to get on the property ladder and purchase her first home, rather than pay a similar monthly expense in rent. Having lived in North London for the majority of her life, Clara knew she wanted to stay close to her friends and family, in an area that she loved. Tottenham Hale was the perfect option, as it was close to the beautiful Walthamstow Wetlands and was an up and coming area in North London that she hadn’t yet explored.


The great transport connections also allow Clara for a quick commute, as the handy Victoria line is perfect for getting from A to B. Although when her time allows, Clara enjoys a canal stroll to South Tottenham followed by a short overground trip to work.

When searching for her new home, the priority for Clara was to find a place with lots of light and space. It was the large, open plan space at Anthology Hale Works, with floor to ceiling windows and incredible views that sold her. “Originally I thought I really wanted outdoor space. This doesn’t have outdoor space, but with the juliet balcony that can fully open up and with the shared roof terrace, it was just amazing. Everywhere I looked after this was just pokey, small and not as epic, so I was spoiled after I came here!”

Clara’s pet rabbit, Tho (the Vietnamese name for ‘rabbit’), also loves the space. With free reign to explore the apartment, Tho feels cosy in the bottom of her large, built-in wardrobe - which has been devoted as a bunny pad. “He likes to jump up and sleep at the end of my bed at night. It’s very sweet, he also bounces up and licks my face in the morning!”

Anthology Hale Works is home to many pet owners, which Clara remarks will be perfect as she makes more friends. “I think it will be really nice to be able to pop into each other’s flats and feed each other’s pets, if anyone is ever away for a weekend.”

After only moving in December, Clara has explored many of the exciting pubs and restaurants Tottenham has to offer. Some of her favourite spots include The Ferry Boat Inn, Table 13 and True Craft. “I’m an art teacher and what I love about Tottenham is there are so many cool cafes, art spaces and pubs - it’s really exciting.”

“There’s a really nice brunch place called Craving, which is always advertising local things you can do. I spotted a Tottenham photography club there and I also went to a ceramics fair in Truman’s Social Club, which is just over the bridge in Walthamstow and probably a 20 minute walk away.”

“Even the more practical parts, like the bus station and the industrial park with Boots and Argos, have been incredibly helpful. The park is about to be redeveloped into a shiny and exciting area, which is great - but it’s lovely to see that the area still has that arty, cosy, community feel to it. There is still a strong community feeling in Tottenham, even when things might get potentially more flashy.”

Anthology Hale Works offers a collection of one, two and three-bedroom homes and studios, across an impressive 32 storey tower, which affords some breathtaking views. This was a big draw to Clara, who explained: “My favourite thing is the view! I also love the light and the space, down to the small details of the inbuilt wardrobes. No other new builds I have seen are like this, but here I can do cartwheels if I wanted to!”

“I would absolutely recommend Anthology Hale Works to a friend. Everything has just worked very smoothly, it’s very welcoming here. I’ve already made good friends with the amazing concierges. It’s extremely snazzy and all of my friends who come here have been like, ‘What is this place? It’s like a hotel!’ I feel the same, I can’t believe this is my home.”

When Clara was asked to describe he new home, “epic” was the word that came to mind. “I love that it feels very urban and cosmopolitan, but also has the balance of the beautiful views of nature. It’s also really quiet and calm, which I wasn’t necessarily expecting in this building. You can’t hear a thing! It’s just the best thing going in London.”


Hale Works currently has a collection of one, two- and three-bedroom homes with Help to Buy available. Prices start from £365,000 for a one-bedroom home. For more information contact: 020 7760 1583 / or visit

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Published on 03|03|2022

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