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London property prices can rise 200% in 12 minutes

London life has always been about migration, moving around the capital to find the area that best suits your needs. In recent times, with the boom in property prices and the squeeze on affordability, the direction of travel has been to fan out to the outer boroughs, like Brent, where Anthology’s Wembley Parade is located, to bag a more affordable home but still take advantage of the rich tapestry of London life.

So, as one of those locations on the edges of London, but still very much a part of the City, where demand is on the up and yet prices are still affordable, how do Wembley prices stack up? To find out Anthology drew upon research from local Estate Agents’ Daniels. This research looked at the price per square foot of new build properties sold over the last two years within one mile of three Metropolitan tube line stops: Wembley Park, Finchley Road and Baker Street. The theory, it seems, pans out.

According to Daniels’ figures, in Wembley Park, based on 143 new build properties sold since September 2017 the average price per square foot is £709. Move a few miles up the tube line to Finchley Road and the average price per square foot rise by 51% to £1075 (based on 135 new build properties sold since September 2017). And within a mile of Baker Street station, a mere 12 minutes down the line, buyers will see the per square foot average property prices leap by 200% to £2151 (based on 126 new build properties sold since September 2017). That’s a 200% rise for just 12 minutes closer to central London!

Wembley Parade has masses more to offer a buyer than affordability, whether first time buyer or second time. It’s at the heart of the huge regeneration project that has seen Wembley emerge as one of the new desirable London neighbourhoods. Wembley has three stations, Wembley Park, Wembley Central and Wembley Stadium all of which offer fantastic transport connections into central London but also out to the leafy London/home counties borders.

The huge regeneration programme has brought luxury apartments to the area, a designer shopping outlet and encouraged an unbeatable selection of eateries and bars. A centre for artists and creatives, new businesses setting up all adds to the exciting vibe that is now flowing through the area. A new theatre will only add to the appeal of the area and with pedestrian friendly walkways around the stations, three new parks and a nine-screen cinema Wembley. With the fantastic benefits of the already established, existing community - Wembley is looking like quite the hotspot.

It doesn’t mean things will stay that way. For how long can Wembley hold onto its affordability? Traditionally emerging areas like Wembley have seen huge rises in property prices as eager house hunters flock to the area like its neighbour Willesden Green. So now is the time to take advantage of the turnaround the dramatic regeneration of Wembley has created. Not only can buyers enjoy the affordability Wembley offers but with its ongoing popularity and so much still to offer whilst only a 40 minute commute from the city by tube, you could also bag yourself a great investment.

If you are interested in making the move and investing in the area then Wembley Parade offers a selection of one, two- and three-bedroom homes priced from £399,000. For more information call 020 3308 9814 or email Alternatively, contact Anthology’s selling agent, Daniel’s in Wembley: 0208 900 2811.


Published on 01|10|2019

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