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Meet the Team | Lucy Polonska, Sales Negotiator

When you embark on your homebuying journey with us, you’ll be guided by our friendly expert team who are here to support you every step of the way. One of those team members is Lucy Polonska, a Sales Negotiator who you’ll usually find her at  our Hoxton Press development welcoming prospective buyers and chatting with the growing community.  

We spoke to Lucy to find out more about her role and what she loves most about Anthology Hoxton Press and the local area.  

Hi Lucy, can you tell us about your role at Hoxton Press? 

My job title is Sales Negotiator and I’ve been with Anthology from the very beginning, I was one of the first in the sales team. I look after Hoxton Press mainly but I also spend time looking after Hale Works and Stratford Mill too. I give prospective buyers tours of the buildings; answer any questions they have and help them along their buying journey. I also look after the developments and meet with existing homeowners to make sure everyone is happy.  

What does a typical day look like?  

I split my time between the three developments and every working day goes by very quickly! I’m always busy, whether it’s taking viewings, picking up enquiries or following up with buyers and I’m constantly on the move working across the different developments. We’re a small tight-knit team supporting each other and we take a lot of pride in our work.  

How are sales at Hoxton Press at the moment? 

It has picked up recently, a majority of our buyers come from the local area. People love it here, and you can see why it’s a fantastic location and people that have lived here know it well and want to stay. We see generations of families that have moved out of the area and the children, now grown up, are wanting to come back here and set up a home for themselves.  

The architecture of Hoxton Press is a real stand out, the two towers are really well known and that’s how we get noticed! People walking along the canal can see the striking buildings from afar and are drawn to find out more.  

The homes have amazing wrap around balconies and private outdoor space to enjoy, post lockdown outdoor space is one of the big things for househunters so we’re expecting to see a lot more people through the door.  

What kinds of buyers are you seeing come through the door?  

We mainly see local buyers stretching from Liverpool Street to Old Street, the Silicone Valley of the UK right on our doorstep. We also get enquiries from people working for the big technology giants in King’s Cross as we’re only two tube stops away.  

We’re really well adapted to east side living, with lots of bicycle storage in the building, which is a real draw, people love to cycle to get about. I’m much the same and cycle everywhere possible! It goes with the trendy vibe and arty scene in the area which attracts a young professional demographic.  

What’s your favourite aspect of the community?  

I absolutely love Hoxton Press and l love how free you feel in the space of the homes!  The sense of freedom is due to the light and the wide-open spaces combined with the floor to ceiling glass windows to the living room. Even when the weather is miserable, your home is a wonderful place to be as the views are stunning. You can watch the sky changing with the weather, it’s like watching a relaxing movie!  

I also really like the clean Scandinavian feel of the apartments which is very clean, simple, solid and practical. Everything is so well thought out with the spaces it has all being designed that way for a reason and storage is accounted for which is key.  

What are your recommendations for those visiting the local area? 

I’d have to say the markets over the weekend. You have the Broadway Market on a Saturday, perfect to enjoy a spot of brunch and a walk along the canal. There is also Spitalfields Market on a Sunday and not forgetting Columbia Flower Market which isn’t too far from here.  

We’re also looking forward to a café opening on the ground floor of Hoxton Press soon so I’d recommend stopping by for a drink when that opens, watch this space!  


There are only a small selection of last remaining homes available from £620,000, don’t miss out on owning a stunning home at Hoxton Press in the trendy East End of London contact Lucy and the team to find out more about the homes still available: 020 3308 8913 /


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Published on 23|06|2021

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