Meeting Maria Joseph

Meeting Maria Joseph, The Engine Room

The work and support provided by The Engine Room in Tottenham Hale is invaluable to the community, which is why they’re one of our #LocalHeroes.

The Engine Room is a church, community centre, café, nursery and hub of support for both the Ferry Lane and Tottenham Hale estates.

We recently caught up with Maria Joseph, Church Community Worker at The Engine Room to find out more about her role.

Can you tell us a about your role at The Engine Room?

My role at the Engine Room is Church Community Worker, working with both Ferry Lane and Tottenham Hale Village estates on both sides to encourage cohesion between the two communities to ensure a unified and inclusive community for all.

Day to day during term time I usually run a messy play drop in for parents and carers with babies and children up to four years old. I also help to run the pop-up café on the Ferry Lane estate providing teas, coffees, cakes and craft activities for the community.

Through these activities and outreach we constantly assess the needs of the community to try and introduce programmes that are going to benefit them and meet the identified needs.

Most recently we’ve implemented a youth club starting for 11 to 14-year olds which will start in October.

What do you love most about your job role?

I love my team – we have an absolutely fantastic team here. I’ve been working with the Engine Room for the past 4-5 years as session worker before being appointed as a community worker. We work well together; everyone has a sense of humour!

Working with the whole community is also a real privilege, they are really receptive to the work that we do and actually encouraged me to apply for the community worker job!

For me it’s more than just a job, I’m a part of the community.

You have an interesting background in carnival costume design? Can you tell us a little more?

Yes, I’m a costume designer and I run my own business creating costumes for carnival, theatre and pageants. It’s a family business and I’ve been involved in the art of carnival from a young age.

I’m currently designing for Notting Hill carnival! I also design for both the St Lucia and St Vincent carnivals. I come up with the concepts myself and see the costume right through from concept to production. Sometimes I may just produce a designed costume if the designer isn’t able to. I also mentor young people to develop skills in carnival arts.

Being part time at the Engine Room enables me to run my business, it means I have the best of both worlds – I’m able to work with the community and earn a living whole enjoying what I do.

What do you love about Tottenham Hale?

I love the wildlife surrounding Tottenham Hale – the marshes and reservoirs – it’s amazing to be surrounded by wildlife especially in London! I would strongly recommend anyone who is able to take the time to walk around and discover the wetlands and marshes to do it, you’re in for an absolute treat!

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Published on 01|09|2019

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