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Social Value Welcomes London Developer

Anthology, a London based developer, will join Community Benefit Consultancy SeerBridge at the Social Value UK AGM to discuss the impact of social value on their business.

On the 11th of September, the University of Coventry is hosting the members of Social Value UK to come together, share best practice and drive innovation in the world of social value. Anthology are joining forces with Social Value UK and social value consultancy SeerBridge, to deliver a workshop during the AGM, opening discussions on how incorporating social value has changed their business practices.

Social value came into the public sphere due to The Public Services Act 2012 which requires public procuring bodies to consider wider social, economic and environmental benefits when choosing bid winners. This concept is gaining wider traction and represents a move away from traditional corporate social responsibility initiatives, to considering private businesses true impact on individuals and communities.

Anthology is a developer that put customer service and communities first, with engaging in social value programmes as part of their foundations of business. However, reporting it and measuring its impact in a social value context was not something broadly recognised in the business. SeerBridge has been working with Anthology for over a year, quantifying and evaluating these initiatives using Social Value UK’s methodologies and guidance.

The Social Value UK AGM will bring together leading keynote speakers from sector leaders, local authorities, corporate businesses and third sector organisations, showcasing measurement tools, frameworks, methodologies and bring a chance to develop meaningful collaborations.

Published on 01|10|2019

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