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“Trustworthy” developer Anthology’s quality, design and style win over first time buyer at Wembley Parade

Jun Yao, a 35-year-old software engineer, had been renting in various parts of London for two years after moving to the UK from Shanghai to work. Having spent time first in Paddington and then in a flat share in Islington, he knew that it would make more sense to buy and pay a mortgage than to carry on paying rent. He also wanted his own private space and although a one-bedroom home would have been enough, Jun Yao wanted to buy somewhere that was big enough for his parents to stay when they visited from Shanghai.

“I looked around for about two years and probably saw around twenty properties in total. I have lived in different parts of London since I arrived here so had formed an idea of the sort of area that would suit me from the point of view of location and price. I knew about Anthology as I had looked at Deptford Foundry, but the area suited me less as coming from Shanghai I was used to different surroundings so wanted to find somewhere closer to that in style. Anthology was also developing Wembley Parade, so I went to have a look at the development and really liked what I saw.”

As a first-time buyer, Jun was delighted to be able to take advantage of Help to Buy London to help him secure a bigger first ever home than he had originally planned. Buying on his own with no help from a partner or his parents, Help to Buy London meant that he was able to get a two bedroom home rather than a one bedroom home and move out of his shared rental property.

“I was going to buy a one bedroom without using Help to Buy London, but using the scheme meant I could afford two bedrooms, which is great for me as I was pleased to be able to buy a home big enough to have somewhere for my parents that is comfortable to stay when they visit. I would not have been able to afford to buy a two bedroom home otherwise, buying on my own, and the advantage is also that I am paying a mortgage rather than paying rent so at least I am paying towards something that I own.

“Having two bedrooms has also been really helpful during lockdown and having to work from home as I can use the second bedroom as a home office for now and being a brand new high quality apartment the Wi-Fi connection was working from the day I moved in.”

Jun was also attracted by the design and build quality of Anthology’s developments. He chose a second-floor apartment with a balcony in Maclaren Court and loves the design of the apartment and way the space is so well balanced.

“Although I did not want to buy at Deptford Foundry, having seen how fantastic the quality, style and finish was at Deptford Foundry, I knew I wanted to buy at one of Anthology’s developments. When I visited Wembley Parade, I was so impressed by the same build quality throughout, the high-quality materials and the finish which for the price, living in London, I thought was good value. To me the attention to detail and quality is what really matters and the consistency across both the Anthology developments I saw was very clear to see. The building is very modern with clean lines which appeal to me.”

“It’s great living in Wembley Parade. I can jump on the Metropolitan Line to get to work, about 45 minutes door to door although I have been working from home since lockdown began. Luckily, I moved in February so had a chance to get to know the neighbourhood a little before lockdown started. I do like to cook at home and having my own kitchen with brand new appliances is great but there are also lots of fantastic places to eat around here and I have tried quite a few at least once. It is more cost effective to eat at home of course, but I enjoy all the different cuisines that I can find right on my doorstep.”

“I love my new home and it has felt like a safe house during the lockdown and the pandemic and I have felt part of a community which has been great. The neighbours on my floor in my block are very friendly. And the whole experience of buying through Anthology has been great. I found the Anthology sales team very trustworthy and the developer cares about not only the development and the high standard of finish but about the purchaser too. I had met one of the sales team about a year before as they were working at a different development I considered. The lady remembered me after all that time which I thought was professional and having spoken to her before she already understood what I was looking for. And as a first-time buyer they were so helpful and supportive and I would really recommend the whole experience, I did not have to worry about the process, and it was very uncomplicated.”

“Buying at Wembley Parade has been a great decision for me, the location suits my lifestyle so well and having my own private space without a lot of people coming and going in a shared home is fantastic. I was so looking forward to moving into my new home and everything about it has lived up to my expectations. Wembley Parade is great community to live. There is even a ping pong table downstairs where owners can enjoy a few games.

Wembley Parade development, designed by GRID Architects, will comprise a collection of five buildings including a twelve-floor tower, providing 195 one, two- and three-bedroom apartments. The mix of homes will provide social rented, shared ownership, private homes and adaptable homes. There will also be a dedicated covered play space for residents’ children to enjoy and a new landscape courtyard. All homes feature a private balcony or terrace and prices start from £430,000, Help to Buy London is also available on selected homes.

For those interested in moving to the Wembley area please call 020 3320 8220, visit or email   


Published on 19|08|2020

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