Well being in Wembley

Well-being in Wembley

The London Borough of Brent, where our Wembley Parade development is located, is currently embarking on an inspiring ‘Fit for life’ campaign.

We take a look at the great actions taking place to encourage local residents to improve both their mental and physical health.

Raising awareness through mass participation

You only need to look at past and current events to see that community wide occasions have a crucial role to play in improving health and wellbeing. The first event that springs to mind for us is the renowned ‘Colour Run’, known as the ‘happiest 5,000 metres on the planet’! Open to all abilities, participants can jog, walk or dance this colour-filled 5k course that ends with a celebratory Colour festival.

Parkrun is a popular scheme held in many places around London and the UK. These weekly runs are locally driven and are as much about community and friendship then they are about running. In the Borough of Brent, the weekly attendance is 90 people, made up of many different ages and abilities!

If you fancy joining in, take a look at their website.

Power to the people

One of the aims of this programme is to involve the local community in all the decisions made about what goes on to promote a healthy lifestyle. The idea is that these residents best understand the needs of the community, so they are best placed to deliver them. Brent council is trying to incorporate all aspects of the community with the aim of establishing a board of representatives that will be trained and supported through a volunteer network. The council has also recruited twelve young people to become Health Activators in their local communities, as part of their efforts to promote an active lifestyle amongst the young generations.

The sporting spirit

Brent Council has really done a lot to encourage participation in sport as a way of maintaining a healthy, active and fun lifestyle. From their large involvement in the 2012 Olympics to the landmark Wembley Stadium, they have managed to increase levels of participation in sport across the borough by 20%! These big sporting events are used as a way of inspiring people to get more active and keep a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. The Wembley area is often seen as a hub of sport in London, and all the stats show this to be true. A range of new leisure facilities have also been opened, including six outdoor gyms, eleven multi-use game areas, over twenty sports pitches and even a BMX track!

Wembley’s well-being

One way to enhance mental wellbeing is through participating in physical activity, which has been shown to have a strong and positive influence on mental health. For example, it is recognised that even a short burst of ten minutes brisk walking increases mental alertness, energy and positive mood states. Walking is practical to do in short bursts, available to most people and free. Playing sport and being part of a team also gives you that sense of purpose that many people desire.

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If you are interested in living in and area that does so much to promote a healthy lifestyle, then find out more about Anthology Wembley Parade by contacting an Anthologist on 020 3308 9814 or emailing wembleyparade@anthology.london.


Published on 01|09|2019

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